Blogging again…

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Since the 10 year old has a blog, and I enjoy sharing our adventures I thought I would join him.  The old blog has been defunct for years so it was time for a fresh start.

The blog should be a good learning experience, for both the boys and me.  Blogging is great writing assignment for them, but also prepping them to help Dad with the business.  Its amazing how quickly they pick up the back end stuff, what better way to learn than hands on.

To kick things off I used a tutorial I found here to make the banner at the top using Picasa.  We were already using Picasa to make banners for William’s blog, but I was having trouble getting it sized for the new blog, needed to export instead of use save as.  The power of google can solve so many problems, if only I had googled sooner.  I think it took about five minutes to make it, and most of that was find the right pictures.  Looking forward to changing this often.

Come back soon to see what we are learning.




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